Take A Minute for Mental Health

The Take A Minute Bench Campaign is created and designed by Buddy Ambassadors to promote Mental Health Awareness and support in the workplace, colleges, and high schools. 

Our goal is to place take a minute benches in work places, colleges, and high schools all over the world.

Take a Minute in the workplace

The world is constantly on fast forward, and we are expected to keep up.


Take a minute to breathe.

Life’s daily demands continues to pull us in all directions, while balancing family, work and friends. It seems like everyone is running on empty, and there is very little or no time to take a minute for OURSELVES or EACH OTHER . How are we expected not only to survive at this pace, but to actually thrive?


Take a minute to slow down.

Take just one minute a few times a day to stop, breathe, and be present with yourself or someone else.

Take a minute for yourself.

When was the last time you took a minute to hear your own voice, to focus on your joy and the things that truly matter to you? True mental wellbeing relies on self-care and time to relax your mind, ease stress, and renew your energy.

Take a minute for others.

Just as meaningful to our own mental health is taking a moment to share with others. Pausing to call a family member, friend, or to check up on your neighbor, help a stranger, or thank a co-worker, fulfills a shared need for human kindness and interaction.

The 1-Minute Now Challenge

How easily can you be present in the NOW?

Find a clock and time yourself for one minute with a goal to keep your mind clear and avoid distractions. GO!

Did you pass the test? Were you able to remain in the NOW for 1 minute without being distracted by one thing or another?

It may take practice, but a 1-minute mindfulness exercise-even once a day-will help you be in the NOW.

Don’t Just Survive:


Take a Minute Bench in



The mental health of children should be a priority, just as much as their grades. We need to create a culture and environment in schools of support, and provide children the tools that they need to not just survive, but thrive. The Take a Minute Campaign will work one-on-one with your school’s behavioral specialist to place a bench and create a campaign at your school. To order a bench and join the campaign, click HERE.

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Take a Minute Bench Global

The Take A Minute Bench Campaign kicked off in Saint Lucia in 2019, at the Corinth Secondary School.

Kevin Spencer, a Saint Lucian native, who graduated from the High School, and is now a Captain with United Airlines, returned to Saint Lucia to share his amazing story of resilience and perseverance, and presented the bench, which he and a friend sponsored, to the school.

The students were very inspired by his story, and the “Take a Minute,” message which encouraged students to take a minute for themselves and others. The bench was designed by art students from the island, to raise and show support for mental health.

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Take a minute to show someone you care.

The Take A Minute Bench campaign is a reminder for all of us to take a minute for ourselves and others, and to live and thrive more often in the NOW!

As you go about your everyday demanding life, we want to remind everyone to TAKE A MINUTE for yourself, for others, and to live and thrive more often in the NOW.

Would your organization like to be part of this revolutionary Mental Health Awareness Campaign?

Would you like to order a Take a Minute Bench for your school or organization?

Take a minute to send us a message and learn more.

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